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Little Mountain Public Access

Television: The flat paneled box of lights that shaped everything from the littlest hobo to the dancing baby on Ally McBeal.

Public access: The general populations ability to enter toilets, municipal parks and certain parking garages.

Little Mountain finally brings these two concepts together, not with a dancing toilet hobo baby but with Little Mountain Public Access. Nate Bailey (Ryan D Anderson) and Tag "The Tagman" Manatee (Shane McLean) host an hour long single themed talk show rounded out with a special guest and call ins!

Music director Cabbage Patch (Piers Rae) boils, fries and plates a mouthful of skin scaldingly hot music and opinions to keep you satisfied.

All. Hour. Long.

Friday's 10pm.

Little Mountain.

Come be a part of public access history!

Later Event: November 24
Little Mountain Improv