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The Blind Tiger Comedy House Team Presents: APARTMENT 3B

What do the Olsen Twins, The Gremlins movies, and Poptarts packaging have in common???

Do you know? Did you figure it out yet? How about now? Ok, this is embarrassing for everyone…forget it. No seriously, forget it! My frame of reference is stupid, it’s my fault, I’m the bad guy AGAIN. Whoa, excuse me? Are we fighting? Is this our first fight?! WAIT COME BACK, I LOVE YOU AND WANT TO WORK THINGS OUT!!

*Sigh*…where was I…oh yeah…the answer to the previous question is that there are TWO…because baby twoooooooo is better than ooooooonnnneeeeee…. WAAAAAAAAAA I WISH YOU WOULD JUST COME BACK ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

THIS FRIDAY, the Blind Tiger House Team understands the importance of duo partnerships, and are bringing you an improvised show entirely comprised of duo’s from:

Jenny Rubé & Ronald Dario
Drew Boy Clark & Geoffrey Walter
Racquel Belmonte & Malcolm McLeod
Greg Stoddart & Shane McLean
Me & You (if you stop pouting and realize that I'M SORRY!!!!)

So whaddya say, huh? Will you be the Mary Kate to my Ashley? The Gremlins 1 to my Gremlins 2? The front unscathed Poptart to my crumbly behind Poptart? OH THANK GOD. I KNEW THE HOUSE TEAM AND THEIR USE OF THEIR DUO FORMAT WOULD SAVE OUR RELATIONSHIP!!!

Doors at 8:30pm, Show at 9:00pm
Tickets are $5.00...unless you're a Blind Tiger student...then that shizz be FREE.

Coached by Ryan Beil, the Blind Tiger Comedy House Team is made up ofRacquel Belmonte, Drew Boy Clark, Ronald Dario, Shane McLean, Malcolm McLeod, Jenny Rubé, Greg Stoddart, and Geoffrey Walter!

Blind Tiger Comedy is a comedy school that offers a variety of different improv, sketch, and scene study classes taught by members of The Sunday Service and Hip.Bang! Check them out at Love you xoxo

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