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Jokes Please!

Jurassic Jokes Please! - Jokes Will Find a Way Edition

Hahaha! Did we really need such a long title this week? NO! But did Jurassic World need to make a new dinosaur? NO! But here is the thing, no one REALLY needs to do anything! So, on that cheerful note, let’s do everything! Like a live theatrical version of OUR new dinosaur movie: Stegosaurus Romp 2: ROMPOSAURUS WRECKS MOST SHIRTS WORN. We hope it will be seen as worthy of the first Jurassic Park but we’d be happy if it was just ten thousand times better than Jurassic Park 2: Tokyo Drift (or whatever it was called).

Hosting this genetically enhanced comedy show will be Andy Kallstrom and Ross Dauk.

With the prehistoric and posthistoric comedy stylings of:

Charles Demers
Jane Stanton
Katie-Ellen Humphries
Emily Kelsall
Toby Hargrave
Sophie Buddle
Ivan Decker 

Doors are at 8:30
Show is at 9
Door is $5
Drinks are $4

The amount of actual dinosaur content in this show will likely be more “Tree of Life” and less “King Kong”.