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Jokes Please! - Exploration Edition

Comedy and life and bodies are all about exploring new places (did you know most people have a SECOND* elbow!?)!

Jokes Please! is a weekly stand-up comedy show and this week things are going to be a little more exploratory than usual. First off, all the comedians will be wearing full expedition gear, they will have kissed their babies for possibly the last time and are heading out into the wild abyss to, likely, their own doom. BUT MAYBE THEY WILL FIND A NEW COMEDY LANDMASS that is SO HILARIOUS! 

Have you ever wanted to head into the unknown? Have you felt the feeling of summiting a mountain and knowing that no one has ever done what you just did and seen this beauty and then you look around you and their are 100 tourists that took the gondola up? STILL! What a feeling! Let's do that! But with comedy!


Ben McGinnis
Brent Constantine
Brett Skillen
Marlene Swidzinski
Ivan Decker

Hosts: Andy Kallstrom and Ross Dauk

Show at 9
Doors at 8:30
Entry is $5
Drinks are $4
You are cool.

*And I don't mean a left and right elbow, there is a SECRET elbow that you need to find! Look within!

Jokes Please! is a weekly standup comedy show that takes place every Thursday night at 9pm at Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver.


Later Event: September 4
Blind Tiger House Team