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The Blind Tiger Comedy House Team Presents: ADULT SLEEPOVER PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA!

The Blind Tiger Comedy House Team Presents: ADULT SLEEPOVER PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA!

Hot off of our first show last Friday, the House Team is EXHAUSTED! That’s why we are cordially inviting you and whoever else likes to snooze to our very first adult sleepover party EVER.

Where do we even BEGIN?!

Join the pajama-clad House Team as we play classic adult sleepover games (with an improv twist!) like spin the bottle, Ouija board, and Never Have I Ever. Watch us braid each others hair, read Teen Vogue magazine, make prank phone calls, and wrap our faces in that Japanese rice paper stuff all over the internet that makes your skin tight AF.

But what about a pillow fight, you ask?

Stupid question, because obviously YES there will be a giant pillow fight!


Watch us compete in the most intense game of Truth or Dare you have ever seen or been a part of. 

Prepare for all of this craziness and more as step-father, Ryan Beil, interrupts the party with snacks, stories from his adult sleepover days, and interjections to “keep it down” as he watches re-runs of Criminal Minds.

You pumped yet? So are we! xoxo

Doors at 8:30pm
Show at 9:00pm
Tickets are $5.00 each…unless you are a Blind Tiger Student…then that shiz is FREE.

Coached by Ryan Beil, The Blind Tiger Comedy House Team consists of Racquel Belmonte, Drew Boy Clark, Ronald Dario, Shane McLean, Malcolm McLeod, Jenny Rubé, Greg Stoddart, and Geoffrey Walter.

Blind Tiger Comedy is very obviously a comedy school, and not a YouTube channel mocking blind tigers. They offer a variety of different improv, sketch, and scene study classes taught by members of The Sunday Service and Hip.Bang!. We love them, and you will love them too. Learn more by visiting and signing up for all of their classes because WHY NOT?!