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Jokes Please!

Hello! Comedy Show here!

The sweet summer with all it's decadent fruits and nectars is FINALLY coming to a close! Let's welcome Autumn, the golden season! The temperatures are as reasonable as the fashion expectations. The pressure to be having "adventures" gets downgraded to the pressure to "not constantly have a runny nose" (which can be tough).

The only issue for me is that now we have to, as usual, go back to eating gruel morning, noon, night and late night (if you're wild). It's not so much the consistency, lack of nutrition, horrible taste or questionable origins of the gruel the I don't like but more that I can't put it into my mouth without remembering the first time I gorged on gruel and made myself sick off overindulgence. Ces't la vie!

Hosts: Ross Dauk and Ivan Decker!

With comedians!

Kyle Bottom
Catherine Ferns
Jon Bennett
Jacob Samuel

Doors at 8:30
Show at 9pm
$5 Cover
$4 Drinks

Gruel is $12 per dollop.

Jokes Please!

Jokes Please! is a weekly standup comedy show that takes place every Thursday night at 9pm at Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver.