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Jokes Please! - Emotional Braggage Edition

Hello! Hilarious stand-up comedy show here!

You, me, the wind and all giant corporations are emotional beings. But that is nothing to be afraid of or to shy away from, NO! It's something to flaunt! 

You have emotions! Now brag about it! What, are you hungry!? Do you have pain in your knee!? Has a recent Sudoku variation confused you?! Those are all emotions and they are what The Beatles so callously exploited for a quick buck. But hey! If those hacks can use emotions to "GET US" then maybe there's something to it?

Think of this edition of Jokes Please! as a live romantic comedy with lots of emotions and miscommunication and PG sex scenes. And jokes, of course.

With Big Emotional Comedy Brags from:

Katie-Ellen Humphries
James Kennedy
Leonard Chan
Matty Vu
And more!

Hosted by Ross Dauk

Doors at 8:30 pm
Show at 9 pm
Cover is $5
Drinks are $4

First draft Beatles lyrics: "Glove is all you need." It was a song about a woman who had hands of different temperatures. Supposedly.


Jokes Please!

Jokes Please! is a weekly standup comedy show that takes place every Thursday night at 9pm at Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver.

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