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Jokes Please!

Jokes Please! is a weekly standup comedy show that takes place every Thursday night at 9pm at Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver.


It's our third annual Palentine's Day show! We celebrate FRIENDSHIP and all of the massages that entails. Let's take the romance out of romantic coupleship and put it into our everyday lives like the good guy upstairs (my landlord) intended. 

Propose duals not marriage! Date handwritten letters not the cutie at the ice cream shop! Take out chinese food not Tinder strangers! Kiss corporate butts not significant others! Go steady with cameras not your netflix partner! Dance with death not the one with the kind eyes! Marry a sandwich not the sea!

WHERE IS FRIENDSHIP DAY!? I want a day where you give a card to your good pals, flowers and chocolates to your good buddies. I want a statuatory holiday where you and your closest 1-7 friends all go to a fancy dinner and laugh, talk and look into each other's eyes and chant, "FRIEND-SHIP! FRIEND-SHIP!" Why isn't there a day set aside to get hot oils and rub down your friends' bodies* and tell them that they are the only friend for you (even if there are 7 others you are massaging in the same room)? Why? Who knows?

So come with your pals and tell your significant others to bring their pals too but NO SMOOCHING! MASSAGING ONLY!


Cameron Macleod
Jill Silva
San Aung
Devin Alexander
Brent Constantine

Doors at 8:30
Show at 9 pm
Cover is 5
Drinks are 4

*A hot oil massage sounds too burny for my liking.