Proud Of You

Sure, we're all holding roses in the event page, but that doesn't mean that crime doesn't exist!
Stop crime!
Especially the jerks who keep leaving a pile of stuff in front of the door at Little Mountain and vandalizing it and stuff.
Seriously what's with that?
Stop crime!
By coming to this show!
Which features:

Sketches written/performed by:
Richard Lott
Jocelyn Hallman
Amar Singh
Stacey McLachlan
Maarten Bayliss
Denea Campbell
Brett Skillen
Victoria Bass

Featuring: Brent Constantine & Jacob Samuel

Stand-up guests: Fatima Dhowre & Mark Nesbitt

There's improv too! Don't forget the improv!

Doors 8:00
Show 8:30
Beer et wine $4