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Blind Tiger House Team Show

A heads up before we get back to your regularly scheduled programming -- before the House Team show there are two sweet little things happening at Little Mountain Gallery. From 6-7, there's the FREE IMPROV CLASS and from 7:15-8:15 there's a good olde fashioned IMPROV JAM. They'll be awesome and extremely fun. Check them out before you come down to the House Teams show, won't ya?

Two house teams. One night. Magic's been in the air and we've put a spell on you. But are you ready for what's next? Yes, that's right, THIS IS A DANCE BATTLE... kidding. It's an Improv show! 

Instead of seeing funky moves like the Charleston, the Moonwalk, or the Pirouette, you're going to see such "Improv moves" like the swipe, thepulse edit, the cut to, the tap out, and much more? It's Improv so there's no guarantees any of those moves will happen but what we can guarantee is Improv comedy fun. 

Still here? Buy a ticket now before it sells out? :D


Jenny Rubé
Ryan D. Anderson
William Dunn
Geoffrey Walter


Maarten Bayliss
Racquel Belmonte
Drew Boy Clark
Malcolm McLeod
Stacey McLachlan
Amy Prouty

Directed by Caitlin Howden & Amy Shostak

Just $5

Free for Blind Tiger students

Doors at 8:30 - show at 9:00pm

Beer is cold and cheap

You should come


Blind Tiger is a top-shelf comedy school! There are tons of new classes coming up in the new year, so sign up today!

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