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Paintbucket Presents: Baby's First Easel

Paintbucket (Steve CurrieMaddy Rafter, and Vivian Tang) is proud to be trading their bibs for berets, and present to you: BABY’S FIRST EASEL*!

Join us for a wild evening of IMPROV ~ SKETCH ~ and FRIENDS! ♥ 

Paintbucket is blessed to be joined by big babies, the exuberant and hilarious improv duo: Big ’N’ Tall! (Patrick DoddDan Willows)

WHERE: Little Mountain Comedy Department
WHEN: Doors at 10, Show at 10:30
HOW: Tickets sold at the door: $5
YES: Beers for $4

*There comes a time in every baby artist's life where they are gifted their very first easel. We just want to celebrate that.

If anyone is confused, this is a comedy show and we would love to see you there!